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» Terrified!

Well this is a story not just of fear but allso trust. The family and i took a breack to disney land paris yea {iknow why its full of ripoffs}£14.00 FOR TWO HOT DOGS and no onions. anyway i digress. Coach to the the park where upon the driver stops the coach any body whant any booze yes please i,ll take a case 30 bottles me sorted 1hour to park 15 bottles left more beer another case .Arrive at park find room go for meal see bar. Arrr beer £7.00 a pint now i know why coach driver sells beer have case in room.Finnish meal back to room beer bed sleep mourning load beer in bag 10 bottles should do breackfast plus a few bottles just to oil the engine for the ride's a head ha ha where in the park. fuck no beer allowed in park hello dear daughter my beloved one give me you'r water bottle now but dad no darling trust me it's for a good cause empty beer to water bottle aaa drink safe now for the rides daughter look dad that ride there my mate's say it's great she's only 12 ok let's go in cue two feet from ride wankers it's the f,ing thing breack's twenty minuets later on we go.O fuck the clamp come's down on to my chest fuck me thats tight i can't move then an atendent arrive's and push's it tighter now trepidation turns to fear, the fear to terrified. i,ve put my trust in a 12 year old on a ride iknow fuck all about. Arrrr where move,ing nice and slow up the mountain not to bad stops i can see day light fuck when we where queing i could see that bit thats when you herd the screems Fuck shoot in to space no fucking lights pitch black {wheres fucking riddick when you need him} can't see my hand in front of my face might have help't if i,d have open'd them fuck that tossed from one side to other will this ride ever end then it came to me do as the do in plane put head betwen legs and kiss ass good by,fuck the clamp won't let me [them sneaky basterd ride designers every one's a sadist}THEN IT'S OVER thank fk clamp relised and can breath what the fuck i'm wet how the water bottle beer shakee shakee fizzy fizzy top off beer daughter dad you've wet your pants 500 french person's lauging at the english man who was terrified and trusted his 12 year old. So what have we learnt Do not get pissed in disneyland paris do not put beer in water bottles and most of all trust a 12 year old they will terifie you
(Thu 12th Apr 2012, 9:11, More)

» Twattery

Yes put a story on b3ta before it was completed e haw
(Fri 13th Apr 2012, 8:21, More)