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» Conspiracy Theories

You're all going to hate me for this.
But I think the Idea that Climate change is caused by human activity is bull. I would guess a cursory look at the evidence would reveal that we do not have any. The climate records only go back to 1900. This is not enough time to analyse any long term climate pattern. The polar ice cap has in fact expanded in recent years.
Before anyone says, I know the difference between climate and weather, and I accept that the climate can and does change, naturally.
So, why is it a conspiracy? It has been imposed by statist governments hungry for more taxation and needless military and welfare spending.
It is used to restrict our civil liberties and economic liberty.
As with almost any restriction on human freedom that is described as being for the public good, it ends up benefiting some elite (state or corporate) at the expense of the vast majority. This is why so many businesses or governments refuse to call it out.
Please, dont get me wrong. I SUPPORT almost ALL of the ecological agenda, from restrictions on harmful or "dirty" chemicals ,conservation recycling, all the way to reforesting large parts of Britain, but it just happens that the one I disagree with is the one the elite have chosen to focus on. And my mind is open to be convinced by rational reason, and good solid evidence, which I have not seen yet.
(Fri 2nd Dec 2011, 18:51, More)

» Heroes and villains of 2011

It may be a long one
All those active in the Arab Spring Revolutions and Russian Protests, and the people who took out Bin Laden.
The Tories and LibDems for Putting the long term welfare of the nation above short term popularity, freezing council tax, using the veto, jailing the rioters.
Salmond for giving the Jocks the chance to fuck off or shut up.
The Japanese for their organised and dignified reaction to their national catastrophes, Natural and man-made.
Twitter, and the Superinjunction-breakers.
The riot repairers, Big Man.
Assad, Gadaffi,Kim Jong Il.
The Murdochs, the press reporting about the Murdoch's as if more than 10% of the population cared, , both HMRC and Occupy ___.
Berlusoni, Sarkozy, the Greek Government.
And most of all, every single last person who Rioted over those 4 days.
(Fri 30th Dec 2011, 22:14, More)

» I should have been arrested

During a school trip to Paris...
Me and 4 friends went into an off licence near the Louvre and each brought 3 cans (I had Kronenbourg 1664 lager) to drink, though not all in one night!
We were all 15 or 16 at the time, and to buy alcohol in France you must be 18.
It's a surprise that a seemingly reputable outlet near a major tourist attraction would allow several underage English teenagers to purchase alcohol without asking for ID.
Can't complain, those were my first real alcoholic drinks.
(Thu 26th Jan 2012, 19:41, More)

» Why will you burn in hell?

Not actually me, but I was talking to my mate "Chaz"...
Apparently he once "finished off" with a brief, almost repressed thought about someone we know.
A few weeks later it came up randomly in a conversation I had with her that she was creeped out by the thought of being fantasized over by others.
He gonn' fry like chicken tonight.
PS- Will think of something about myself later.
(Tue 17th Jul 2012, 19:23, More)

» Getting Old

Just last week, funnily enough.
Now, any of you that know and lo/ath/ve me will know I'm probably the youngest member of this site. Just 17, just finished my AS levels. I'm hardly getting old, merely staring to stop being a kid (thankfully my physique got there about 2 years early). But the fact that I'm now deeply considering the content my UCAS application really makes it plain to me that I've got a wide world to go into, a whole adult life to lead ahead. There's a fair few things I still need to do to become a man (I'll leave you to guess what). Its not really foreboding, though it isn't really exiting either. I suppose its up to me how the process unfolds. Gotta get it right from now on. So yeah, Its the prospect of leaving home that is making me feel much less juvenile.
Nobody's interested, but one of the 7 courses ( I whittled it down from 1000's very rapidly!) I am considering applying to is PPE at a brilliant uni, which sort of demonstrates that I think I might grow up to be even more of a massive cuntprick.
(Fri 8th Jun 2012, 23:53, More)
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