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» The Apocalypse

An old acquaintance with serious mental health issues
used to regularly relate the story of how he was sacked from his job in a bedroom furniture shop. It was in the early 80s and his fragile state of mind had led him to believe all the hype in the newspapers about imminent nuclear armageddon. One day he was explaining the benefits of a posturepedic mattress to an elderly couple when a plane flew overhead. His thoughts immediately turned to OMD's song Enola Gay which was in the charts at the time. As there was no time to remove a door to hide under and no bath was available, he left the bemused couple and jumped into the sturdiest wardrobe in the shop, started screaming and shat himself. There was also mention of haemorrhoid cream 'all over the place' but he was a bit hazy on the details of that.
(Thu 21st Jun 2012, 9:27, More)

» Getting Old

Two years ago,
this complete fucking goon said to me 'Hey - your sister said you used to be really good looking. I mean, you're alright now but... err...'.
(Sun 10th Jun 2012, 8:25, More)