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» Heroes and villains of 2011

Villain of 2011 - George Lucas
Because 12 years on it still hurts
(Thu 29th Dec 2011, 17:13, More)

» Shit Claims to Fame II

Almost Met Take That
Guildford, 1995 or so. I'm at uni and enjoying a usual night out in Bojangles, the type of lame club you'd expect in suburban Surrey. Things are great, and late in the night who should walk in but TAKE THAT - the most amazing boy band ever to have existed. And THEY STILL HAD ROBBIE. Like the first time they had Robbie. They're filming what turns out to be the Back For Good video in the area and looking to unwind.

They buy drinks, have a dance, are happy to chat to my group. My mate, being a Vale fan, hits it off with Robbie. Great times are had by all.

So my friends tell me; I'd had a drunken row with my girlfriend and we'd stormed off 5 minutes before TT arrived. As they were entering the club, I was desperately vomiting behind Midland Bank in Guildford High Street.
(Thu 20th Sep 2012, 19:44, More)

» Shit Claims to Fame II

Best British Inoffensive Sketch Comedian of the 1980s
My wife's parents' friends' daughter shared a room with Russ Abbott's daughter
(Sat 22nd Sep 2012, 9:13, More)

» Devastating Put-Downs

Football horror
So I play 5-a-side, have done for years. I was never the best player but played a decent standard. I was playing one time against a side called The Daddies, and they were a really good side - technically gifted, strong in the tackle, brutish. But decent.

So we're playing well, it's a close game and we're having to play at our best to compete, me especially.

Ball falls to me about halfway - I carry it on ten yards and line up to strike the ball. "Don't worry" their skipper shouts as he closes me down. I shoot, harmlessly high.

"That one's SHIT" he finishes

Left me in the gutter
(Wed 30th Nov 2011, 19:24, More)

» Sorry

Ex-Uni Landlord
Dear Mr Crake

I just wanted to wholeheartedly apologise for repeatedly calling you at 3am asking to speak to "Mr Crack". We were drunk, we thought it was funny to mispronounce your name and wake you up. We were wrong, it was not funny, it was immature.

The students who used to live at 63, Yew Tree Drive, Guildford.
(Fri 18th Jan 2013, 18:05, More)
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