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I like badgers and beer.

I especially like Badger Beer.

My website is currently being overhauled, but you can email me from there. Or you could take a look at the Thirstday Boys' website which I am supposed to look after...

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Doubtless done already...

...but I'm not proud.

(apologies for large file. Dunno how to get it any smaller)
(Sun 3rd Aug 2003, 21:46, More)

David Dickinson recommends...

...sheep as chips!
(Wed 12th Feb 2003, 22:15, More)

About ten minutes after I finished this
I discovered that the whole kittens/mittens rhyming slang territory had already been thoroughly explored. Have it anyway, I'm going for a brew...

(Mon 10th Feb 2003, 20:16, More)

corporate flunkey...

(Thu 16th Jan 2003, 20:38, More)

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» Stupid Colleagues

Back in the 90's, before broadband...
...I used to work in a design studio in a large food company based in Manchester. In those days the only way to shift large computer files (back then 'large' meant half a megabyte) was to put them onto a ridiculously expensive and fragile SyQuest disc and courier it. Then we got a new-fangled ISDN line installed - at the time this was absolutely cutting edge technology. It became known that we could send things around the world with unprecedented speed.

One day a particularly shrill and strident member of the Marketing Department swept in waving a reasonably thick report: "I need this to be ISDN'd to the advertising agency in London, they need it within half an hour". We had a look and explained that it would take longer than that just to scan it all. Even copying and faxing it would have been quicker.

"No, no, I don't want it scanned, or a fax, or a copy, that's no use - they need the ACTUAL BOOK." It took us five minutes of baffled enquiry before we got to the bottom of it: she actually thought that ISDN had the power of teleportation, to instantaneously and physically send the report to London. Sometimes I sit quietly and reminisce about the look on her face as realisation dawned...
(Fri 4th Mar 2011, 20:43, More)