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» Twattery

Some twat in the V&A...
was queuing in front of me and ordered "two cappuccini". I just looked at him in disgust. I mean, great, you pluralised an Italian word with the correct Italian form. Fan-fucking-tastic you massive twat. Now go home and test your pasta by throwing a lone spaghetto at the wall and seeing if it sticks, or going out and drawing a single graffito on the wall. Fuck it...why stop there? Let's go out and order multiple pizze? We don't have to eat at one place...we could try a number of ristoranti. I do like my seafood, maybe we could order squid? Oh, you only have one calimaro for the table? Better try the octopodes. Is that a paparazzo over there taking a photo of Brangelina?

Massive wanker.
(Tue 17th Apr 2012, 13:28, More)