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Wonder dogs
I've been lucky enough to have two of the best dogs ever.

Brandy was a border collie, who my parents had gotten a few years before I turned up. Very friendly, loyal and intelligent, and when I was born she took an instant liking to me. When my mother would go for walks with me Brandy would always be in tow, and would growl at every person who approached the pram. As an only child in the middle of rural Ireland I'd often go exploring with my canine chum. Even if I was gone for several hours this wouldn't be a cause for concern to mum, since as long as Brandy was gone as well she knew I was alright. Not sure if that's more parental neglect or unwavering trust but anyways. She once had a large litter which was given away to friends & neighbours, but we kept Kylie - sadly, she was poisoned by a local farmer when she was only about a year old.

The other amazing dog was Ranger. He was born to a Springer Spaniel mother and an Alsatian father, and was suitably weird looking - a bit like a tall Corgi. He was also born within two days of my sister, and she put him through the wringer - as a toddler she'd pull his tail, his lips, poke his eyes, nose, etc. but he'd never wince, flinch or even walk away. A very timid dog, or a borderline mongoloid - who knew? We were coming back from town one day when we noticed an injured kitten in a ditch; not sure how she'd ended up there but she was obviously involved in some kind of accident as she was badly mangled. The vet patched her up pretty well but she only had sight in one eye. Her favourite pastime was to sit on Ranger's back and claw him - often till fur was flying everywhere, but again he would barely react. My sister would try to treat the kitten in the same way as she had Ranger, and he wasn't particularly happy about this but rather than bark at her he'd just pick the kitten up by the scruff of her neck and walk to another room.

Well, this is my first qotw post and it's absolute rambling nonsense so I'll stop now. Feel free to ignore.
(Fri 1st Feb 2013, 12:12, More)