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» Water, boats and all that floats

Menai straits
Doing a day skipper course out of Conwy in a Very old Victoria 32, instructor Dave (I've got a metal plate in my 'ead, make sure I take my tablets) decided we should practice 'man overboard' retrieval.
A fender (not Rhodes) was attached to a bit of blue (floating) rope and a bucket then chucked overboard.
The blue rope (sheet) was of the non floating, but prop fouling variety.
We now have 1 crap instructor and 5 novices wandering around Anglesey with a blue rope wrapped round our propellor.
The tides round there are a bit interesting and Madame of my family explained if we didn't get this sorted in the next hour this boat will be an interesting shore ornament.
Skipper Dave (metal plate in 'ead) had to call Conwy school of yachting boss, and ask him to come and get us...
He then stopped his offshore racing stint (on a Sigma 32 if anyone cares) with proper high paying yotties, and come and rescue us. He did, all was fine, until, we went in that pub below the Menai bridge and the owner of the rival school of yotting walked in with a fender, a bit of blue rope (non floating) and a bucket, then asked in a less than subtle style 'Anyone Lost A Man Overboard?'
(Mon 5th Nov 2012, 23:20, More)

» Driven to Madness

When you start your reply to a question with "yeah-no"
well which one is you twat! yes or no?
(Mon 8th Oct 2012, 20:41, More)