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» Hoarding

eBay has made it worse
In the olden days you had two choices. Keep it or throw it away.
Now there's a third, sell it on eBay.
This thing that I've hoarded, I'll think to myself, I won't throw it away - I'll put it on eBay, somebody else might want this collection of Amiga magazines (or other such rubbish).
I've never sold anything on eBay. Now I just have twice as much junk - the stuff 'that might come in useful one day' and the stuff that 'somebody else might find useful one day'.
(Sun 6th May 2012, 1:30, More)

» Spoilers

I was (am) a big Star Trek fan
but I never really got in to DS9, until recently when they started showing it on SyFy and I started watching from the start.
So, yeah, thanks for that.
(Sun 9th Jun 2013, 1:35, More)