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» Near Death Experiences II

Many years ago before mobile phones I had a pager which I had left at work, upon realising this I decided to ride my trusty Mt500 at a great pace (I could've missed a MASSIVE DRUGS deal had I not) back too my place of employment to collect said pager, unfortunately a Muntjac deer decided that life wasn't worth the effort and threw itself into my path causing me to crash quite spectacularly, probably,having realised I wasn't dead I managed to kick start the mt and get myself the the Dr's, a few stitches later and a couple of weeks of walking like a retard and all was well , 'till today when I finally gave in and went to a&e because my knee had been giving me grief , turns out I'd broken my kneecap and the stray bit of bone had finally made it's presence felt, Massive drugs? at least a quarter
(Sun 18th May 2014, 0:52, More)