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I like nothing more than editing pictures and taking the piss.

Check oot: http://www.bazzalite.co.uk

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Dale likes licking big cocks

He prefers free range to battery though!
(Fri 8th Feb 2002, 4:34, More)

Mr T shows us the latest dance craze

go Mr T, Go
(Wed 6th Feb 2002, 9:48, More)

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» School Sports Day

Interform swimming, just at the age when puberty in boys is working it's way down from your acne ridden face, past your pubic sprouting feable chest, to your groinal region.

Two girls in our year (out of the 5 girls that DIDN'T fake a period and actually attended), thought it would be fun to go round the boys that were about to race, and start touching their leg and generally talk dirty to them. They also seemed to direct their attention on the boys wearing the smallest trunks. Let's just say that a few kids in our year became know simply as "boner" from then on there. Luckily I opted for swimming shorts... lesson learned.
(Thu 30th Mar 2006, 13:29, More)