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» Things you can't unsee...

More of a hear than see...
While visiting Amsterdam I was waiting to use a cash point machine in Dam Square. Just looking around when some woman (40ish) was approaching a junction on her push bike. She slowed down and I presumed this was as she was approaching the junction, but it turns out she was slowing down because she was mid faint. The bike came to a stop and she toppled over and smacked her head on the cobblestones. That was a sound that will never, ever leave my head. I get a shiver down my spine and feel sick when ever I think about it.
(Tue 17th Feb 2015, 14:25, More)

» Shit Claims to Fame II

TV Documentary about me & the missus getting Wed
In 1999 Edward & Sophie (from some posh family in Windsor or somewhere like that) were getting hitched, so BBC2 commissioned Ginger Productions (yeah, the TV company belonging to Chris Evans) to do a series of documentaries on weddings. As it happens, myself & my newly found missus that I had found in the still new and shiny interwebs (not like that – through this new Yahoo chat thing that was all new and shiny to the interwebs) were also planning to get hitched. The missus was discovered in one of these bridal shops and was introduced to the producer. She like the story of us meeting over the web so decided to use our story as one of the 30 minute documentaries, the fact that she would also get to fly to the USA for filming probably helped our cause. So we got on the TV for that, we were also interviewed live on the all new and shiny BBC3 from BBC centre about the program which was very nerve wracking. The advantage was that a lot of the people we dealt with for organising the wedding (dress/car/flowers/hotel/boat ride down the Thames/etc…) all realised that if we chose them they would get some free advertising on the BBC so we got the wedding at a fairly cheap costage – which was nice.
(Tue 25th Sep 2012, 18:14, More)