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Photo ops in China
About this time last year I was hanging out in Chengdu, China which is rather out of the way as far as most western tourists are concerned. So as two white, and one black person my small group got quite a bit of interest from the locals.

Usually this was just in the form of curious glances but it came to a head when we we were hanging around in the main square one evening and a young couple came up to us holding a baby and a camera. After a few seconds of hand gestures and nodding we get the gist that they want a photo, so my friend takes the camera off them and starts to take a photo of them with their baby. NO NO NO they shout/signal, grab the camera back, give my friend the baby, take a photo of us with their baby, reclaim the baby, smile at us, then wander off.

Somewhere a child is now growing up in China who will be proudly shown a photo of the day they met three confused looking westerners.

As a bonus claim to fame we had seen Karl Pilkington filming 'an idiot abroad' earlier that very day and I am even a very brief figure in the background on the show.
(Fri 19th Apr 2013, 16:55, More)