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» Lego

As a kid I did many un-thought-through things. At about 10, when I first got the Lego Technical motor, I took a decent wad of fresh BluTak (which was another thing I loved as a kid) and stuck it firmly on the shaft of the motor. I then took four of my father's brand new Swann Morton #11 scalpel blades and stuck them firmly into the BluTak in an X shape. Job done. Time to try out my AWESOME BLADES OF DEATH! I started with a piece of paper. It kind of worked eventually. Not quite the devastating results I had in mind. Oh well, still good enough to destroy my older sister's Spandau Ballet poster, or at least the bottom corner. But as it feebly chewed through the Smash Hits logo and Tony Hadley's leg, my creation fell apart and flew to pieces, blades whizzing past my face.
(Fri 25th Oct 2013, 13:41, More)

» Party Tricks and Secret Talents

I can drink a quart of monkey and still stand still.

(Tue 19th May 2015, 9:23, More)

» Bad gigs

Insane in the Membrane
It was 1993 and my mate and I had tickets to Cypress Hill at The Metro in Melbourne. We only had a few hours to race home from work, get as stoned as humanly possible, and get back into town for the gig. Eventually we get to the venue an hour or so late, but as baked as required. Standing in the queue- we began to think that the crowd was kind of unusual- we were the only ones in beanies and hoodies. Get to the door and the bouncer takes one look at us, laughs, and says " Sorry guys, Cypress Hill is next Thursday." Turned out we were a few hours late but a week early- and nearly ended up at a classic FM radio station Desperate and Dateless Ball.
(Thu 1st Aug 2013, 3:13, More)