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I've got me an internet-politico type bloggy thing

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Patriot Owl!

Server works brilliantly so far..I'm pleased..
Hooray for everybody!
LTJ! | 7thCircle!
*Yay Magic Donkey!*

(Sun 29th Jun 2003, 20:07, More)


(Fri 18th Apr 2003, 18:11, More)

Fuck the Sphinx!

(Thu 13th Mar 2003, 1:32, More)

Resevoir Gods

Wallpaper! | LeeterThanJesus
(Thu 27th Feb 2003, 1:36, More)


GrandeWoo! | LeeterThanJesus
(Wed 15th Jan 2003, 20:39, More)

Step 1: Seduce America

(Thu 2nd Jan 2003, 0:44, More)

The other babies were so cruel to poor Julian...

(Tue 10th Dec 2002, 21:10, More)

Damn things.


(Wed 20th Nov 2002, 23:00, More)


(Wed 6th Nov 2002, 21:34, More)

The miners were always playing practical jokes...

I'm spamming awareness of my site
(Wed 16th Oct 2002, 20:04, More)


(Thu 26th Sep 2002, 21:14, More)


(Wed 18th Sep 2002, 21:52, More)

Hooray for punk rock woodland creatures!

(Sun 25th Aug 2002, 19:55, More)

Good Morning, B3ta!

Click For Big

(Fri 23rd Aug 2002, 14:56, More)


(Wed 24th Jul 2002, 2:32, More)

Playing at Ford's Theater next friday

(Sat 1st Jun 2002, 0:44, More)

All Your Cliches Are Belong To Us...

Someone mentioned this earlier...
(Sat 4th May 2002, 20:23, More)

McQueen. Sorry.

(Fri 3rd May 2002, 23:52, More)

When B3ta Attacks!

(Fri 19th Apr 2002, 20:03, More)

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» Irrational Fears

I'm not afraid of nuclear war, only the left over atoms. I'm afraid they'll gang up on me.
(Tue 27th Jan 2004, 13:37, More)

» Little things that turn you on


The commercial had nudists. Shut up.
(Thu 17th Feb 2005, 21:07, More)