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100% my cheesy grin
(Sun 9th Nov 2003, 20:49, More)

He felt he had to run away

Edit: thank you everyone
(Mon 8th Sep 2003, 22:20, More)

The little tyke loved his little trike

[edit] god bless you magic donkey
(Sun 4th May 2003, 12:33, More)

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» Mugged

Nail File
I was walking towards my house once filing my nails with a metal nailfile (I was about 14 and my nails were my pride and joy). As I walked down a little pathway with trees on both sides a bloke grabbed my arm, I jabbed the nailfile into his arm and ran and ran. I never saw that nail file again
(Sat 17th Jun 2006, 21:23, More)

» Putting the Fun in Funeral

The funeral of a cousin I never met
a year ago March 17th (st Patricks day) my cousin died in a caravan fire outside his home (this was also my cousins birthday). After much too-ing and fro-ing with the authorities telling us they wouldn't be releasing the body until they'd ruled out foul play they released the body on the Sunday after he died, in Northern Ireland the body is buried within 2 days of it being released so we booked a hasty trip over there. When it came to the funeral the priest vicar type fella stood up with a sort of fixed smile on his face and proceeded to tell us that if you don't follow the way of the Lord then you will spend an eternity in hell and excrutiating burning fire. Now, I don't know about you but I would have thought that whatever you believe you wouldn't go on about suffering a firey death at a funeral of someone who suffered a firey death. My mum grabbed hold of me to stop me walking out. My cousins mother was inconsolable after it. Bloody Priests!
(Sun 14th May 2006, 13:15, More)

» When animals attack...

When I was about 3
My mum (who was a teacher at kindergarten) took the kids to a zoo type thing with a petting zoo area in Germany (where we lived at the time). Because I was little I went along with them. There I was merrily feeding a little baby goat when a big male goat came up and wanted food, I didn't want to give him any, I wanted to give it to the little cute one but the big goat kept trying to get the food, he ripped the bag and I started to run to stop him getting the food. Unfortunatly he chased me, it took me a while to twig that people were shouting for me to drop the food, when I did so he stopped chasing me. This experience has lead me to believe that goats are evil and should be stopped.
There's also the time that my aunty was walking through a field in Northern Ireland with her son and her boyfriend. Boyfriend mentioned that the cow in said field was running their way, my aunty never even stopped to look round, she just legged it, when she stopped running she noticed that her boyfriend and her son were killing themselves laughing at her and the cow was where it had been for the whole time. She's a bit ashamed of herself for not even trying to save her son
(Sun 5th Jun 2005, 17:25, More)

» Jobsworths

A friend of my sister
had just been to the hairdressers to get her hair done (funnily enough) she only had £1 left and that was for bus fare. She got on the bus, handed over her money and went and sat down. She then heard the driver say 'can the lady who just got on the bus please come to the front of the bus' so she went up to see the driver who then complained that the pound coin she had given him was not English, it was Northern Irish so he would not accept it, she argued with him that it had the queens head on it and it was sterling so he had to accept it. He ended up refusing to move the bus if she was going to insist on paying with fake money (his words) She was so upset and humiliated she got off the bus, We're still working on getting her to report him
(Thu 12th May 2005, 12:59, More)

» Worst Record Ever

Fast Food Rockers - A Pizza Hut
Picture the scene, it's 6:30am on a Sunday, my husband is still asleep and i'm up feeding our 6 month old son. It's a beautiful scene and all is right with the world, all of a sudden my next door neighbours get home from from a heavy night on the town and turn their music up as loud as humanly possible...do they play decent music? oh no, it's bloody 'A pizza hut a Pizza hut, kentucky fried chicken and a pizza hut' baby wakes up and screams the place down, mummy (me) is less than happy and my husband storms round to demand they turn it down, they do with much muttering and grumbling but the damage has been done, me and my husband have the damn song stuck in our heads for the rest of the day. Now if I even hear a snippet I can't get rid of it...Can we kill the Fast Food Rockers?
(Tue 2nd Dec 2003, 22:29, More)
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