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» Winging It

law is such a worthwhile career
A friend required a number of o-levels to go to do law at uni, coming from a family of lawyers and judges he thought it time he stopped mucking about with his failed collage course in a craft industry. Each module counted as an o-level and there were six of them, sadly there they were listed, at the end of the letter it said FAIL. Uni required a photocopy of all o-levels attained. Folding under the last bit that said Fail worked wonderfully and he went on to pass law, work at a big Supermarkets legal department and now i believe works in medical law in the big smoke...
(Tue 2nd Apr 2013, 21:45, More)

» LOL Bigots

Only the day before yesterday i had a conversation with a local builder who called a cheap sort of bath a "paki landlord bath"...you sort of know what he means...
(Fri 22nd Feb 2013, 12:39, More)

» The Naughty Step

told off by the ex deputy mayor
The other day i got a note through the door. A concerned neighbor was "worried about my safety" as i seemed to be burning something with a foul stench on my stove and it was stinking out everyone. It wasn't the stove just the smell of my angle grinder gasping its last as i cut through a 15kg gas cylinder.....perfectly safe.
(Mon 11th Feb 2013, 19:53, More)

» More Pet Stories

The lil bugger.
We got her from the dogs home. We should have realized when a tenner, as a donation was tendered, the guy gave me a fiver back. Even he referred to her as "the li'l black bugger", she was a wire haired terrier of indeterminate type. Trying to think of a more noble name, we thought to long and she ended up as just plain "dog". Sometimes on the lead she would stop and stand rigid refusing to go further, sometimes we dragged her and she got over it, sometimes she just snapped out of it an carried on. Off the lead she would be the devils own job to get back. But always came home, once even swimming the river to get home. One day she stopped and wouldn't budge and being in a hurry we left her on the path. Returning in a few moments she was gone....she was seen out on the mud flats, by a friend chasing sea gulls, each group of gulls ever further out. I think she just got stuck and the tide took her.
(Sat 2nd Feb 2013, 19:16, More)