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» LOL Bigots

There is this really conservative church near my place, like so conservative that they have been outside the official Church for a time. I learned recently that they had a mass for Franco, not for his soul but for what he did when he was alive.
Anyway, a couple of years ago this distant friend persuaded me to come to one of their Post-mass drinks (people from 20 to 30), went there a bit reluctantly but hey, you don't come across religious nuts that often.
It was quite nice actually, until one of them turned to my group and said, as I was religiously listening to their encounter with Jesus
"Hey, don't you agree that concentration camps are a myth?" all of them nodded and approved.
"Well, one of those days you should talk to my grandfather who is one of the youngest survivor of the camps. Bye" was my reply. I did not try to argue, it's useless with this kind of people, I just walked out the bar (and did not pay for my drink).

(One of those days I'll tell you about this anti-bigot who was such an anti-bigot that she was a fucking one.)
(Wed 27th Feb 2013, 11:22, More)

» Where Did It All Go Wrong?

When I answered the phone and said "Hello"
I ended up in a brothel in Vera Cruz for 4 years
(Fri 1st Mar 2013, 10:14, More)