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» Controversial Beliefs

Artificial Intelligence is a lie.
"Oh, but all we need to do is graft some organic material to a quantum computer and spray it in Graphene nanotubes. Look at that advances we have made in the last 25 years!"

The idea that human-like AI is science fiction genuinely annoys people. Mugs fantasise about having a sexy robot slave alternating between cleaning their house and sucking their dick all day (no? just me?). A lot of people (mugs) think CP3O is just around the corner, but they are sadly deluded. Fuzzy logic - sure, nice fake chatbots - we got those, but human-like thought... it's never going to happen. Sure, AI researchers will grab a headlines every once in a while with their dog and pony show. Generally it coincides with needing a funding grant. AI is about as real as time travel.
(Tue 30th Apr 2013, 12:54, More)