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» Body Horror

Porn saved my frenulum
Like most boys of a certain age I was obsessed with my penis. I loved that little thing and the hours of fun it gave me. However, after exploring every inch of it several thousand times I became more and more concerned with one particular aspect - that little tract of skin that ran from the corner of my japs eye to the foreskin. The frenulum. It didn't look or feel right, having such a snappable piece of flesh located on such a place.

My mind raced. I convinced myself that far from being a regular part of my anatomy it was proof my cock was broken. Other men probably had thoroughly normal penis', with no stretchy bits of skin joining point A to point B. I was convinced I was a freak and in my darker moments I did try to think up painless ways I could unshackle my helmet. On happier days I attempted to come up with ways I could just find out once and for all if I really was a disgusting mess. I didn't want to go to the doctors in case he informed me that I did in fact have an abnormal member and I was going to require major surgery to correct it, meaning I had to face my fear of hospitals. I couldn't discuss this issue with my chums in the schoolyard, who would undoubtedly rib me mercilessly about my spackacock. I didn't have a male role model in my life, my Dad fulfilling the role of absent father to a tee. I was just going to have to live with an ugly johnson.

Then we got teh interwebz!

After a few weeks my carnal urges got the better of me and one day, when mother was at the shops, I went online and found some pornography. After about a half hour of viewing ladies with their legs spread wide I gradually moved onto harder stuff. Images where men (sometimes more than one) joined the party. It was at that point, as Amie from Miami gazed into the camera while taking on three blokes at the same time, I saw something that filled me with joy - a cock just like mine. In fact, they all looked very similar. I was normal! I'd have danced a jig of delight if I wasn't nursing a raging lob on and desperate to finish the job I'd started, so I just had a celebratory wank instead.
(Thu 18th Jul 2013, 10:55, More)