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Don't point that at me son...

mail to: [email protected]

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YeeeeeeHAAAAAAAAA! You plonker...

(Mon 21st Apr 2003, 16:43, More)

Da Vinci was more advanced in his thinking than some people realise

(Fri 21st Mar 2003, 9:52, More)

Get away from her you BITCH!

so, um, guess what i was doing when the board was down...
(Sun 16th Mar 2003, 18:40, More)

What's that Sooty?

Yes, Sweep is a motherfucker..
(Thu 13th Feb 2003, 18:01, More)

We want you...we want you...we want you

as a new recruit...
(Wed 29th Jan 2003, 23:15, More)

On the same theme but too obscure?

New here, possibly overcompensating
(Sat 25th Jan 2003, 23:06, More)

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