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Grumpy publican, shit internet gp.

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» Shit Holidays

Elm Guest House. Not good.

(Fri 15th Aug 2014, 20:46, More)

» Films Recommendations

This has actually inspired me to watch stuff I've not seen for ages, to see if they're still as good as I remember them.
Gonna get Silent Running tonight.
(Tue 26th May 2015, 19:12, More)

» Not having sex

Dozer. He has a hamster, just got a cat, and an imaginary 'Mrs Dozer', and a baseball cap.

(Thu 22nd May 2014, 15:17, More)

» UFOs and close encounters

Part of my job is anal probing/bum fingering, but I'm not an alien. I was born here.I'm a gp.

(Tue 6th May 2014, 18:56, More)

» Trapped!

My big toe got stuck in the bathtap once.
Wriggled, tried to escape, pissed in my own mouth.
Ninja edit, sos.
(Fri 28th Feb 2014, 14:53, More)
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