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» Biggest opportunity I've blown

I was something of a child prodigy.
By the time I'd started school, I was already reading and writing at a high school level before the other children in my class had even been introduced to their abc's. Maths was a similar story.

I was flagged from day one and extensively tested and assessed. My results were consistently among the top few percent of students in the country. I still joined in with all of the regular classes but was assigned extra "special" work of my own. I still found it irritatingly easy and quickly became bored and disruptive to the other kids. I just couldn't comprehend that the other kids actually needed to concentrate and pay attention, it just never occurred to me.

I was skipped ahead a grade twice, until I got beaten up for mouthing off at a few of the older lads. I knew it all and was happy to tell anyone about it. It was decided that I hadn't adjusted socially and was to return to my original grade.

I quickly came to the conclusion that life was easy and that I didn't have to try at anything because I was far smarter than everyone else. Up until high school, this proved to be the case. I'd won awards, broken records, been on tv, in the papers and so forth. I was BORED.

I grew up in a fairly rough area, and from a young age there were MASSIVE DRUGS all around me. I'd always just acknowledged it as a thing that was there, but part of someone elses world. Added to my growing boredom, years of being told how excellent I was had gone to my head. I had a massive ego and refused to be told what to do by anyone or anything. I knew best.

This was the perfect recipe for disaster. I figured I could still do what I want, fuck around at school and get off my face, then just rock up on test day and accept my compulsory High Distinction.

It didn't quite work out that way. Instead of knuckling down and actually working at it, I just went "Fuck it" and stopped going, at around the age of 14/15. I've not completed any formal education since, in regards to where I sit in comparison to my peers, I peaked when I was 12.

These days, thanks to a little bit of luck, a complete turnaround in philosophy and a fuckload of hard work; I make a decent living and live a comfortable, mostly happy life. I still consider myself to be a reasonably cluey guy, but I'm all too aware of the fact that I have under achieved massively and no doubt disappointed a lot of people.
(Sat 5th Apr 2014, 18:01, More)

» Stags and Hens

Last of all the animals

(Thu 6th Feb 2014, 10:24, More)