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» Dodgy boozers

A 'wine bar' in Grays, Essex
Someone said fancy a drink after work? I said OK then. Being new to the job and area, I would try and fit in with my colleagues.

Finally found the 'wine bar' after driving around for a while. Had to park the car in a rather distant and lonely car park but insight of the winebar. Turns out it was just a town centre pub that looked like it was halfway through a demolition. Pub was rough. Plain floorboards, the sort that generates and attracts loads of dust. Toilet urinal was a ceramic type that had been half smashed up. Function room was the size of a bedroom.

Had to have one eye on the car from a far and one eye on the pub's cliental. Was convinced some sort of bar room brawl or trouble was about to kick off at any moment. Seemed as if everyone of the punters drinking was in a silent who could be the hardest hard man competition.

I stayed for a while and made my excuses about traffic on the M25 and left.

And people complain about the demise of the local boozer. These sort of places deserve to die out.
(Wed 12th Feb 2014, 22:10, More)