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» Trouble

School trip to Reculver
Geography trip day. Location: Reculver. Probably the most boring word ever heard by a 15 year old.

My dad drove me to school and dropped me off a little way off from the gates. I waved a big wave goodbye, then turned around. After a few steps I glance back - he's going the other way. Turning 180 degrees, I traipsed off on an adventure.

Well, I sat in the park and drew for a bit. Then got bored and went home.

Sneaking around the back, I peered out of a bush to scout out the interior. Shit! That was my mum at the window. Pretend not to see her. Wait, that won't work.

She went ballistic. Turns out the school had called home and everyone started to think I'd been kidnapped. They almost called the police. I felt pretty shetty.

Worst part was my dad drove me to Reculver and I had to go after all. It was as shit as it sounds.
(Fri 18th Sep 2015, 22:10, More)