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» Sexual Disasters

Crazy party you say? Did someone do cocaine off someone's penis hahaha? Well...
My ex-girlfriend's friend wanted to go drinking down at the local pub with me, my ex, and their gay best friend. We did and it was a blast. The friend was wearing a very short skirt which flashed her knickers to everyone as she walked. We drank. We talked. It was a good time. We went back to my ex's friend's flat.

The knicker flashing friend wanted to do cocaine and knew the chap she could get it from. Another friend's boyfriend. He drove over blind drunk with the said cocaine. The knicker flashing friend fucked this man, tattooed beer gut and all, for the said cocaine.

Turns out, as they were fucking, the gay best friend wandered into the room and wanted to watch the fun. He passed out on the bed and woke up 30mins later. One thing led to another and he snorted a line of cocaine off the man's penis.

It was the beginning of the end for my ex and I. For some reason I didn't like her friends.
(Thu 26th Mar 2015, 1:26, More)