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» More Fire!

Great Balls Of Fire!
Back in year 9 I studied Electronics as one of my 4 "options" at school. We had this great teacher that would make us etch our circuit boards from scratch, using plastic B&W templates, light sensitive chemicals, and acid etc etc. The final step was to lacquer the circuit board and leave them to dry for 2-3 days until the next lesson.

About 2 weeks prior, this amazing, eccentric teacher of mine showed us how normal steel could catch fire. He place a couple of fibers of steel wool across 2 car battery terminals and WOOF! Up she went.

So I'm at class and everyone is gathered around teach as he explains something. Being my usual easily bored self I wander off unseen, where I spy a HUMONGOUS ball of steel wool next to a car battery. You know what happens next....

This huge ball of steel wool, about 30cm in diameter, instantly becomes an inferno in my hands. In a panic I randomly toss it across the room and it lands SMACK BANG in a pile of 30 freshly lacquered circuit boards from the previous class, laying out to dry.

Amazingly.... AMAZINGLY.... this whole 3-ring circus act went undetected by teach and my fellow students [the burning steel didn't smell like, say, paper would smell, and it burned very quickly]. I'm guessing I ruined at least ΒΌ of the circuit boards, but I wasn't exactly going to be making enquiries over the next few days so don't quote me. One of the best get-out-of-jail-free moments of my life.
(Thu 29th Jan 2015, 6:31, More)

» Things You Still Can't Do Properly Despite Being a Proper Grown Up

Farking Cling Wrap
*AHEM* If I must say so, I've played a fuck-ton of sport, studied physics up to university level, I have exceptional spatial reasoning.... but cling wrap does my farking head in....

I can't do a nice clean RRRIP using the serrations on the box. It always ends up as this munted mess that has folded in on itself and stuck together.

So I either have to unstick the mess or try again.

I do have a fool proof method using my forearm, but that doesn't seem particularly hygienic, and it's not how the birds do it on the TV commercials.
(Thu 5th Feb 2015, 7:52, More)