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The rest of my crap can be found at http://groups.msn.com/Mysterymachines/shocking.msnw

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hmmm poo
Where to start.

Well, went to the Bug Jam about 3 years ago, long lines of blue portaloos, apart from one that a bunch of peeps had turned upside down before throwing it on it's side, for their mate to emerge from dyed blue and looking a bit worse for wear.

PS My Ridgeback - Rex likes eating horse shit, just out of interest.
Or, my friend Laurence, years ago returning pissed up from the pub to his mum's place, falling over in the street level of drunk, usual thing, trying to be quiet at about 1.00AM, prodding the key in various places hoping to find the key hole on the back door, eventually got the door open, but no lights were on, so tries to find the switch, goes carefully feeling his way along the wall in case he falls over, or knocks something over, after a few minutes padding around, he finds the light switch, as he switches it on there is the sudden horror of seeing the kitchen walls, worktops and door covered in dog shit hand prints, where he fallen in the street, took him about 2 hours to clean it up.

Me, years back lived in a place called Elmstead Market (Essex coast), one day went for a walk alone a stretch of what I thought was beach, but more like river estury near a place called Clear Point, walking along the "beach", mt right leg suddenly disappeared into the ground to my knee, Mrs Scooby grabbed me and we muttered about how dangerous it was etc and went back home, I took my boots off and slung them in the garage.

Few days later I noticed they were bright blue, which was odd, until I remembered the stretch we were walking on walk next to a static caravan site, and their sceptic tank was obiviously over spilling all the way down the beach - uuurrgh.
(Thu 6th May 2004, 11:00, More)