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I have a great profile....especially from the side!

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» Gyms

Why bother
Gyms are full of men I'll never look like, and women I'll never sleep with.
(Wed 15th Jul 2009, 9:50, More)

» Useless advice

All I need...
My dad's a corker for statin' the bleedin' hobvious!

When stating I would like to work for myself in the future when I've got a bit of cash in the bank, my dad advised that I should indeed work for myself. Great so far. Good idea, albeit mine.

I'm a techy by trade, so I said whatever I end up doing would probably be web-based, but it was hard to spot a new service to provide, or an existing service to do better or cheaper. When I do spot it, I'll grab the chance and set something up.

Dad: "What you need is an idea."

Cheers Dad. Thanks for that. Sorted.
(Wed 25th Oct 2006, 17:50, More)