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Unimpressive blog here
Fat Boab used this:

To make this and that made me very happy indeed.

This is me, please don't do nasty things with this picture oh wait, they already have

I have little or no potatoswap skill, though I (very occasionally) mess about with the GIMP but I appreciate the work of others, and do threadjack rather than threadwaste (the lesser of the two evils).

I also had some part to play in the gourd thing - It all started here

Thanks to the person who started the micro-bandwagon that was 'let's play with kryptik's face' One of these days, Duncan, it will catch up with you

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New digital camera + Blu-Tack + Boredom + Time to kill = My first attempt  at stop-motion!
Edit: FP? Really? Cheers!
(Fri 12th Dec 2003, 10:29, More)

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» Injured Siblings

Ah yes, injured siblings
When anyone asks me "Kryptik, have you ever broken a bone?" I say "Yes. But it was my brother's collarbone."

My brother [known on here as inquus] and I were messing around, what might be called 'horseplay' if you're very posh and use words like 'horseplay' and I rolled him up in a heavy woollen blanket. To stop him unrolling himself, I then proceeded to sit on him. With some force.

Now at the time, my brother was a skinny little man [still is], and although I wasn't very big myself, I was, at four years older than him, almost twice his height, and at least twice his weight. As I sat down, there was a snapping noise, followed by a whimper.
I quickly unrolled him, and started thinking hard about how I was going to explain my way out of this one.

Several hours later, he emerged from A&E holding an X-ray with his arm in a sling and with a reproachful look in his eye.

I also seem to recall persuading him, when he was very little, to lick the terminals of a 9-volt battery, after pretending to do it myself to prove it was safe. He denies this occurred, or if it did he has no recollection. I know I definitely tried to make him do it.
(Fri 19th Aug 2005, 1:14, More)