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Underground Nuclear Shelter in Milton Keynes
In Milton Keynes (UK) there was a rumour about underground nuclear shelters beneath CMK shopping centre, built in the 70`s.

One of the nearby underpasses has a section which looks like a hidden door which, if true, looked like it would lead underground beneath the road to under the shopping centre and the rumour was that if senior politicians or members of the royal family found themselves on the M1 motorway when the nuclear alarm went off they would leave at J13 or J14 and head to the underground bunker to sit out the bombs.

The maths worked out for the amount of warning we would have and there was room for it. The most interesting part was the shopping centre was built before the housing was put in (MK was a planned city) so a secret bunker would have been easy to install at the time.
(Mon 9th Jan 2017, 13:28, More)