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I make terrible pictures, but I enjoy doing them

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That shitty Batman meme with an even shittier pun on Robin.

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Have a shitty Christmas
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» Family Scandals

A Stranger calls.
As children, my parents would take us on various camping holidays to Wales where we would generally laze about the site and play on rope swings over stupidly high river beds etc. Long before health and safety would have put on the fun dampeners. Well, there'd be other people there enjoying themselves and then there was Dom. A lone male in his 40's from Holland who spent the day in a tight pair of Y-fronts and nowt else. He had a pet ferret and would walk it around the site on a lead. My mother in her infinite wisdom took it upon herself to invite Dom to dinner to get to know us. He bought my brother and me a present each. How delightful, we were over the moon. The next day he invited us back to return the favour of dinner. When I say us, I mean just US, my brother and me.
Yes, my mum sent us over there double quick, "he's just foreign, completely harmless", we went into this tiny tent that stunk to high hell of Gawd knows what, this weird albino ferret scurrying about in a sleeping bag, and he was bollock naked. We went back to our mum, who took us back saying we must have made it up!!! Arriving back he was dressed back in his pants and our mum ushered us in apologising for our behaviour. When she was gone he took his pants off again and just sat there looking at us. Luckily he just made us eat biscuits (from a sealed packet thankfully) and have a can of coke. Out of the blue, he says "You can go, you clearly don't want to be here" so we fucking legged it!
So before this hideousness closes, before Dom left the campsite my mum thanks him for being so kind to us, gives him our HOME ADDRESS and says keep in touch! He visited us at home twice but my Dad who had not been aware of my mother's blossoming friendship with a complete stranger didn't allow him to be alone with us EVER! I received a birthday card from him on my 13th birthday which read "Dear 'Bobbinns', Thanks for the memories, Goodbye forever. Dom." As for what memories he has of me is quite a mystery, memories of a little boy being scared to death of a giant, overtanned Dutch bloke who would randomly appear with or without a ghostly ferret with blood red eyes.
When me or my bro bring up Dom to my parents my Dad gets REALLY angry at my Mum and my Mum goes freakishly quiet. It's always fun to bring it out at Christmas. (no real names were used to protect my identity HAHA)
(Fri 2nd Jun 2017, 13:44, More)