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I'm that bloke that made the Invisible Game on the board. But not done any for ages. Maybe more will follow. Ive also recently noticed that i've been a member for quite a while and none of you bastards have ever made me anything for my profile. Am I to understand that I am indeed an utter shit?

~ Since its inception i've been informed of a website dedicated to this type of thing - mainly for films and their stars. I had no idea of this and of course im only posting stuff that ive made. :) ~

Where, by being the first to correctly name the person, you can win a gold star for your profile, such as this:

1-10 are very easy, however after that they will be harder. Remember the context will always betray something about the person.

~I reserve the right to refuse a winning entry on grounds of monopoly~
~Yes thats you, prodigy69~

Winners so far:
1. Des Lynam - The Great Architect Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

2. Noel Edmonds - TBL Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

3. Nigella Lawson - mugatu

4. Steve Irwin - CaroWallis

5. Jason Donovan - 4dam

6. Paul Hogan - bilbobarneybobs

7. Henry Winkler - Mr. Johnson

8. Michael Fish - prodigy69

9. Dogtanian - prodigy69

10. Dave The Hat - Milkman Dan

11. Bill Oddie - prodigy69 (again)

12. Glenn Miller - mr spoons

13. Che Guevara - QuagmireFC


Here is some stuff that may or may not please you:


b3ta ambigram.

This is Brigitte Bardot in times gone by, and is certainly my best vector.

Some glowing animals. (very rare).

This will almost certainly be landing me in hell.

I vectored this pretty lady named Salma.

I hope you enjoyed your stay.


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Everywhere i go
i always take the weather with me.

Also for some unknown reason im having trouble cookin' in my kitchen.
Its awful.
(Tue 1st Nov 2005, 22:46, More)