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» Shoddy Presents

The jokes on me!
Many years ago, during the school Xmas holidays My grandparents were looking after my brother and me while my parents were at work so we had left toys and stuff round there house to play with.
My Grandad thought it would be funny to wrap up all my toys and books and give them to me mixed up in all my real presents.
On Christmas day my look of shock on my brother and all my cousins faces to see my pile of presents considerably bigger than theres and I made sure they knew it.
When opening my presents I didn't twig at first. It wasn't until not only were the majority of my presents stuff I already had, but were also unboxed, that the penny dropped.

My Grandad found this side splittingly funny and I looked like a twat.

Looking back on it now it was funny and I'll probably do the same thing to my own son when he gets a bit older!!
(Thu 23rd Sep 2004, 12:17, More)