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This is a question Family Scandals

What skeletons are there in your family's collective cupboards? Asks enzyme. Tell us your shameful, scurrilous and generally regrettable family histories... for laughs

(, Thu 1 Jun 2017, 22:05)

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An great-great-uncle or summink on my Dad's side was given a free one-way ticket Down Under for his part in some dodgy sheep shenanigans in Suffolk. I think he sold a few that belonged to someone else, although he claimed that he didn't do it with any malice, if that's possible etc. Anyway, off he trotted.
So, my folks decided to visit the town where they knew he lived (somewhere near Sydney, I think) and have a dig through the records. On mention of the guy's name the bloke in the Civic Records Office took them outside the building, pointed at a church on the square and said "basically, your relative built that", and there's a stained glass window with his name it and everything. There were a number of other buildings built by him too and he's a bit of a town hero.
So, that's a nice skellington.
(, Fri 9 Jun 2017, 14:20, closed)
You can found a church but do they call you Bruce the evangelist? No.
You can build a town but do they call you Bruce the town planner? No.
But you shag one sheep.
(, Fri 9 Jun 2017, 15:02, closed)

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