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This is a question Hoarding

Willenium says: I had to bring some floppy disks into work which I had been saving for 10 years "in case I might need them". Tell us when your hoarding skills have come in useful (or not, as the case may be)

(, Thu 3 May 2012, 14:03)
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Inadvertent floppy disk hoarding
My first employer back in 1988 was a company who wrote accounting systems for shopkeepers. It ran on a number of platforms including BBC Micros, Commodore 64s, Apricots and the Amstrad PCW8256's running CP/M and PC's running very early versions of DOS. No Speccy version though; shame.

Shopkeepers back then weren't particularly computer savvy but our software was simple enough to use (It was based on the SIMPLEX-D cashbook that they all used at the time). One of these poor souls was struggling with the concept of restoring a backup after a hard disk failure or something so our sales director went out to assist this guy and asked him whether he had a previous backup disk he could use.

"Oh, of course. I keep them all, but it's an expensive game this computing isn't it?" the shopkeeper cheerfully announced as he opened a double-fronted set of cupboards. Lined up in neat rows, each labelled by day, week and month were hundreds of 5.25" Floppy disks.

"Do you know you can re-use the disks, don't you?" Enquired our Director.

"You can?"

Feeling sorry for the chap our director bought most of the floppy disks back from him (at a bargain price, no doubt) and that was how I ended up spending 4 or 5 days formatting, re-labelling and repackaging hundreds of damn floppy disks.
(, Thu 3 May 2012, 15:24, closed)

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