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This is a question Mistaken Identity

Jizzbiscuits-Murphy writes, "I was punched at a friend's party by a drunk who thought I was Russell Brand"

Well, if you dress anything like him, you probably deserved it, but who have you been mistaken for/mistaken other people for?

(, Thu 31 May 2007, 14:49)
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Tree shop ???
I used to work in a big factory with over 800 workers, all the different workshops had reference numbers and mine was A03. All colours and creeds worked there and I remember a North African guy called Manu who worked in the stores, probably because his nickname was Man United. Anyway, in the days before I had a car, I used to walk quite a distance to reach the bus-stop on my route. One day there was this coloured guy already waiting at the stop, who acknowledged me as I turned up. I was convinced it was Manu and started having the craic, coming out with all the usual factory banter until he stopped me dead and asked who the hell I was!? I laughed and said, "It's Neal from 03 shop". He just looked at me real funny, shaking his head and declared that he didn't know anyone who worked in a tree shop! After a pregnant pause, my bus arrived and I went home very confused...

...months later I recalled this story to the real Manu, and do you know what? He casually admitted that he already knew all about this case of mistaken identity, from his identical twin brother Pinu !!
(, Thu 7 Jun 2007, 23:32, closed)

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