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MostlySunny wibbles, "When I was 11 I got an A for my study of shark nets - mostly because I handed it in cut out in the shape of a shark."

Do people do projects that don't involve google-cut-paste any more? What fine tat have you glued together for teacher?

(, Thu 13 Aug 2009, 13:36)
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LittleSisterCrow and the Pointless RE Lesson
RE / RS was one of those subjects which struck me, and indeed my entire family, as pretty much pointless. It got better as you got older, so by the time you got to about year 8* you actually learned something meaningful about major world religions, and maybe the year after that it started to resemble a philosophy lesson of sorts.

But up until that point? Fuck me, it seemed like a waste of time. My sister and I went to the same C of E primary school**, and I suspect the sheer inutility of the RE lessons there contributed strongly to us both being staunch atheists.

So when we went our separate ways to (distinctly secular) secondary schools, we had hoped that the inane RE lessons would disappear. No such luck. What was one of the first things LittleSisterCrow had to do in her first year?

"Since we've been looking at the story of Jesus throwing the money-lenders out of the temple, I want you all to draw a picture of Jesus losing his temper and evicting them."

Yep. He wanted them to draw pictures of Angry Jesus.

I never saw what my sister submitted, but I'm told that it featured Angry Jesus with big, red eyes, wielding a big stick and breathing fire. I probably don't need to point out that her RE teacher was less than impressed.

*About 13 years old for any b3tans unfamiliar with the British system
**Well, tambourine-banging evangelists masquerading as C of E, but there's probably another story in that
(, Thu 13 Aug 2009, 17:04, closed)
This is the exact moment a new meme is started:
Move over Ceiling Cat, you're *so* 2008. It's time for Angry Jesus!
(, Thu 13 Aug 2009, 17:29, closed)
just for use of the word "inutility".
nice work.
(, Fri 14 Aug 2009, 14:17, closed)
I'm not even sure if it's a real word, but based on the French "inutile" = "pointless", so I feel that if it isn't a word, it bloody well should be.
(, Fri 14 Aug 2009, 15:27, closed)
Angry Jesus
My fave Bible story!
(, Tue 18 Aug 2009, 0:10, closed)

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