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This is a question DIY Techno-hacks

Old hard drive platters make wonderfully good drinks coasters - they look dead smart and expensive and you've stopped people reading your old data into the bargain.

Have you taped all your remotes together, peep-show-style? Have you wired your doorbell to the toilet? What enterprising DIY have you done with technology?

Extra points for using sellotape rather than solder.

(, Thu 20 Aug 2009, 12:30)
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A friend of mine had a remote control watch
that, for some reason, he could use to control TVs and radios. He used to use it in school to turn the volume up frighteningly loud or right down on the documentary while the teacher had it paused to pass out notes or whatever.

I don't think they ever caught on...

Did anyone else have one of these watches?

(The most sabotage I ever did was altering an alarm clock so it sounded like my school bell, then setting it off five minutes before lunch so we all got out early. The teacher then set their clock five minutes fast for the rest of the year.)
(, Thu 20 Aug 2009, 13:48, closed)
A friend I knew had one
But this was some time back. No idea if it is still around.
(, Thu 20 Aug 2009, 13:54, closed)
I had one, in fact I've still got it lying round somewhere - the strap broke but the remote still works on it.

(, Thu 20 Aug 2009, 14:10, closed)
haha my brother used to have the same one
those things were awsome
(, Thu 20 Aug 2009, 14:26, closed)
Classy :D

(, Thu 20 Aug 2009, 17:32, closed)
I love the product description
"As always Casio represent great value for money and will never look out of date"...
(, Sun 23 Aug 2009, 10:09, closed)
I've been thinking of getting one
apart from during sporting events

TV's should be off in pubs
(, Thu 20 Aug 2009, 14:34, closed)
you need a tv-b-gone
(, Mon 24 Aug 2009, 15:21, closed)

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