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my Youtubes

Another production of mine: Jayvlog89

Nick denBoer
Animator / video / music producer from Canada.

On with the picture fuckery

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(Tue 22nd Oct 2013, 14:58, More)

God save the spleen

full vid here
(Wed 24th Jul 2013, 17:39, More)

Jimmy New Year!

Some little snips from a video coming out at the end of the month.
(Tue 1st Jan 2013, 22:37, More)


it's only going to grow back thicker
(Tue 4th Sep 2012, 4:40, More)

Bouncy Sarah Palin

video here
(Fri 24th Feb 2012, 18:47, More)

Nobody puts Baby in a coroner

(Thu 2nd Feb 2012, 21:14, More)

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» The best thing I've built

Built this flophouse for some undeserving children back in '02

was a triumph but the kids got addicted to rock candy and burned it to the ground
(Sat 13th Oct 2012, 19:51, More)

» Filth!

dead body parts
I worked on contract to remove all the old wooden shelves from the morgue at the university of Toronto. All the shelves held dead bodies, containers full of arms and legs, severed heads & all kinds of gruesome bloody human meat. The cadavers & parts were moved into a refrigerated truck and we demolished the shelving and disposed of the wood getting covered in blood and formaldehyde. Fun day. I got in trouble for snooping around and taking a peek at the bodies that were being embalmed.
(Thu 2nd Feb 2012, 22:09, More)