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# Nuance aint welcome on the internet!
Exactly, there's not a whole lot of choice and people evaluate a lot of decisions.

I know I elect an MP not a PM, that's a start in democracy. I've voted for different parties or abstained based upon my local MPs.

I had a friend who used to rant on about the evil Tories and the evil people that voted for them, knowing I have voted for a Tory MP previously. When I would mention surely voting Labour that left hundreds of thousands of dead in the middle east and a highly destabilised region decades later must make her pause for thought, it was all a bit of a shrug really. She also saw the Lib Dem student fees as far worse than the war, which I can't agree with but ultimately is her prerogative. It's far easier to reconcile yourself with the dead when they're brown ones abroad I guess.

I think we would all be better knowing that we all vote for a multitude of reasons, and the more we reduce to morons vs non morons the worst we are all off.

P.S. aren't all cupboards stationary? ;)
(, Sun 4 Apr 2021, 9:05, archived)