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# ha, nicely done
I've often suspected this is how it actually went down
Matthew: 'What are we going to do now? Membership was booming, and we even starting calling ourselves Christians'
Mark: 'I wanted Jesusettes'
Matthew: 'We've told you before, Mark, that's a stupid name'
Mark: 'Well, how can we say now he was some big messiah when the bloody Romans executed him just like my next-door neighbour was for playing with kids'
Matthew: 'He fucked them too, Mark. I don't think even the boss would have forgiven that'
Luke: 'How long do they keep them up for? On the cross?'
Matthew: 'What? Oh, I think it's only a couple of days. After that the guards don't care what happens to them. Why?'
Luke (lighting cigar): 'Boys, I think I've got a plan...'

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# also nicely done
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