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# hello you
How's the whole 'less internet' thing working out for you? Exams are all done now, so my thoughts are bending very much Mongolia-wards. Hopefully there'll be camels!
(, Sat 26 Jun 2004, 12:16, archived)
# Less internet never works long term
Something always tempts you back.
EDIT: Mongolia? you want to go there?
(, Sat 26 Jun 2004, 12:18, archived)
# yes it does

less internet is good at the mo though, means i can carry on doing some writing stuff i started an age ago.
have been using 4rthur alot, less pictures to distract me
(, Sat 26 Jun 2004, 12:21, archived)
# yup
It's with World Challenge. I reckon now's the best time to do something like this, 'cos otherwise I'll just be sitting at home, bored as fuck. It's not like you get this kind of opportunity often, so I thought I'd take it.
(, Sat 26 Jun 2004, 12:29, archived)
# Yes
I have just finished uni and am bored out of my mind
Its just that I remembered that someone was saying that they were going to mongolia and could not remember if it was you or not.
I think I got the tone of that right there
(, Sat 26 Jun 2004, 12:33, archived)