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[challenge entry] Must See T.V

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Woo 2 picture posts in 1 day, All original editing done by me. Hope you guys enjoy!

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(, Tue 17 Sep 2002, 4:15, archived)
# Very nice...
when are they doing the b-celebrity version?
(, Tue 17 Sep 2002, 5:04, archived)
# Not sure
I think i shall do an iraqi version of Survivor next
(, Tue 17 Sep 2002, 5:06, archived)
# god knows why?
yoyu should be thinking about making millions from "Pop-Survivor" i've still to workout the finer details but... well it might work just get sponsered by stella-artio :p
(, Tue 17 Sep 2002, 5:22, archived)