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# Has anyone else here judged a challenge?
I judged the last one, but got the email after I'd already entered three pics. Grrr.
(, Sat 12 Oct 2002, 2:11, archived)
# I didn't know that there was judging
I feel so scrutinized.
(, Sat 12 Oct 2002, 2:16, archived)
# If you enter the contest there's judging!
Go look at the newsletter. That's me, me me!!! can you tell that no one has noticed or said a thing to me about it?
(, Sat 12 Oct 2002, 2:40, archived)
# I'm not that incrowd-ish I guess...
(, Sat 12 Oct 2002, 2:16, archived)
# You just get asked to judge
I put the kibosh on anything that was an inside joke. Wanted to be fair.
(, Sat 12 Oct 2002, 2:38, archived)