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# i remember reading in 'punch'
another politician said about him 'Teddy Taylor would swim through shark infested waters to get near a microphone'

Southend on Sea has Teddy Taylor AND David 'duped by Chris Morris into asking questions in the house over Cake' Amess. Who after the last election toured around with a loudspeaker saying 'this is david amess thanking you for electing me'. wanker.

what have we done to deserve this?
(, Fri 21 Jan 2005, 0:43, archived)
# It's because
you're British. Were you American you would understand this.

(Just kidding, of course. It's because all politicians are twatbadgers. The people most inclined to run for office are generally the people who should be kept as far from office as possible.)
(, Fri 21 Jan 2005, 1:55, archived)