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# haha you haven`t been around much!
there was a 1.4MB woo posted a while back!
(, Fri 30 Sep 2005, 19:58, archived)
# If you deputise him
then next time he bollocks me I'll optimise it to 4 colour 8 bit, but until then you are still the boss of the bandwidth round here.
(, Fri 30 Sep 2005, 20:00, archived)
# nah not me
Great Architect bestowed the title of Bandwidth Nazi on me - he and Mongychops are the original

then again, Mongy`s on dial-up a lot of the time, so maybe he can`t be a proper Nazi (Hitler wasn`t Aryan, and all that jazz)
(, Fri 30 Sep 2005, 20:02, archived)