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# oooh
are you reading my mind?
I wrote this two days ago 'I want to open up his brain and use one of
those stripey bendy straws to suck out all the juicy goodness. And I
mean that in the least Hannibal Lecter way possible.'
(, Fri 3 Jan 2003, 17:36, archived)
# i swear to god ...
... im not reading your mind.

If i were i think i'd be a gibbering wreck

that thought of yours just isn't right.
you should see someone about that

(, Fri 3 Jan 2003, 17:41, archived)
# few people
appreciate gibbering anymore. It's sad, really.
(, Fri 3 Jan 2003, 17:45, archived)
# spicy brains
with a side of kreplach, mmmmm.
(, Fri 3 Jan 2003, 17:55, archived)