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# Actually...
...('cause I like to start a message with 'Actually') it's Mr Parkie the Hyde Park Park-Keeper who says no to 1/2 Million people, on the grounds that, they never allow Rallys at this time for year (Mud, slipping, aggh, broken leg, etc.), never have for anyone, never will.

If it happened to be spring or summer they'd have no problem with it at all.

Tessa Jowell just went with 'Humm yes, what he said'
(, Thu 30 Jan 2003, 13:28, archived)
# Probably true,
I can see the H&S risks, but this needs to happen NOW
(, Thu 30 Jan 2003, 13:32, archived)
# Apparently yes...
...it needs to happen now, just not on wet slippy grass near water.

Can't everyone just mill around outside the gates?
(, Thu 30 Jan 2003, 13:38, archived)