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# because
They usually are.

I suppose they might make a proportionally huge fuss about the hugely worse regimes in this world.

They might balance their criticism with a look at the actions of Iran, Syria, Saudi etc.

They might qualify their criticism of Israel by looking at the context and by seeing that Israel is a tiny state the size of Wales, surrounded by a continent-sized landmass of people who want to erase their country from the map, and a bunch of loopy death cult extremists who are hell bent on total random murder of Israeli civilians.

They might note that this death cult has 'kill the Jews' written into their official covenant and that this death cult forms the Palestinian government.

They might note that Israel is at war for its survival and that many other countries (ourselves included) are at war a) without immediate threat and b) without being branded 'psychopaths'.

They might do all that. But they don't. So unless their venal prejudiuce against Israel is based on their hatred of Israel's national flag design, I'd guess it MIGHT be something to do with it's status as the world's only 'Jewish' state.
(, Thu 24 Jan 2008, 20:11, archived)